Q. How much will it cost for you to make a website for me?

A. Prices can vary widely depending on several different factors:

(1) Features - Plug-ins (extra software that adds extended functionality to a website) require extra time and work to configure properly. Examples of features that require plug-ins include videos, photo galleries, event calendars, and forms. Slideshows or photo layouts also require extra time for custom image editing. The number of special features you want on your website may affect the cost. Not all plug-ins increase the cost of your website. Our general rule-of-thumb price is $150 a page, except for the Home page which may cost more, depending on the complexity. Special features can add to the overall cost.  

(2) eCommerce - We can build an online store to fit your needs. The basic cost for installing and configuring shopping cart software to your new or existing website is $250. This is in addition to the cost of creating your basic website. Of course, products must be installed with their particular details and corresponding images. The number of products you want in your store will affect the overall cost of your website because of the "per-product fee." For example, if the cost of creating the website you want is $500 and you want to sell 10 different products, the cost would be $500 (website) + $250 (online store software) + $60 (per-product fee,) equaling $810.

(3) Preparedness - Some of our clients already know ahead of time just what they want to see on their website while others just have a vague idea. The more prepared you are, the lower your cost will be. To minimize the cost, make decisions about color and layout ahead of time. Decide exactly what pages you want, what you want on each page, and what you want each page to say. See our downloadable "Worksheet for Your Website." If you have questions ahead of time about the cost of any page or feature, feel free to ask. We will work with you to make your website what you want it to be at a reasonable price.

(4) Upfront cost - After meeting with an SWS team member and discussing the project's details, an estimated cost of the project will be presented based on our understanding of the site's requirements and the needed plug-ins.  An upfront (non-refundable) cost of 30% of the estimated total cost is required. For example, if the cost of the website is estimated to be $1000.00, then $300 would be required up front. Once the site has been finalized, the remaining balance would be required so that the site can be made available to the public Internet. The 30% helps SWS with any required software purchases as well as development time and research compensations. 

Q. Can I learn to update my website myself? How much does it cost if I want SWS to make the changes?

A. Yes, you have the option of learning to make changes to your website yourself. Step-by-step instructions, usually free, will be provided if you choose this option. If you prefer one-on-one instruction, we will be glad to meet with you to teach you how to self-maintain your site. (A maintenance fee of $25 an hour will apply to teaching sessions.) SWS can make changes for you if that is your preference, for a fee of $25 an hour (one hour minimum.) SWS can give you an estimate prior to making any requested changes.

Q. How long does it take for website changes to be made once SWS receives the request?

A. Requested changes are usually made within 5 - 7 business days, and often sooner, depending on the complexity of the requested change. Simple changes, such as updated information, can usually be made within a day or two.

Q. What happens if I need more email accounts than are offered in my package?

A. SWS offers additional email accounts for only $3 per account per month.

Q. Is my email virus protected?

A. Yes, your email is protected against attacks by malicious viruses.

Q. When do your bills go out?

A. Monthly invoices go out on the 10th of each month and payment is due on the 1st of the following month.