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Business Web Hosting

As a professional business, you try to offer the very best that you can through the services you provide or the products you offer. Skaggs Web Services knows how important it is to present a good appearance before new clients as well as to your faithful customers. SWS believes that a positive presentation is crucial and tells a lot about how much you care about your business and your customers.


     *** A few reasons why a business should have a website:

  1. A website gives your business credibility. It shows you are well-established and legitimate.
  2. A website provides information for established and prospective customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. A website gives your business the opportunity to offer special sales and discounts. You can utilize online coupons.
  4. Customers can refer others to your business easily by sharing your website address.
  5. Prospective customers with questions can find answers on your website, negating the need for phone calls to ask questions.
  6. A website allows you to update important information quickly and easily.
  7. Customers or related businesses can link to your website, giving you free advertising and a larger market.
  8. Customers expect a good business to have its own website. Many shop online rather than using a phone directory.


Skaggs Web Services has been given the opportunity to work with many companies, and we've been trusted to design websites that represent businesses in a professional manner. We would like to offer that same service to your company!

Small Business Website Hosting & Account Options

A small business account with SWS has a monthly hosting fee of $35.00 which includes 1 GB of storage for your website and up to 10 business email accounts with 3 GB of storage per account. Your email service is accessible through different types of media and apps. In some cases, you can take advantage of the SMTP/POP3/IMAP options. You may also access your email from any device with internet access using the webmail option.

Website Maintenance - You will have the option of updating your website yourself or having us do it for you.  The maintenance fee for SWS to make website changes is $25 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. We can give you an estimate up front for your approval.

Additional Web Space - If you need to purchase additional web space beyond your account limit, the monthly charge for the additional server space is only $10.00 per 500 megabytes. Example: If you have a basic business account with 1 Gigabyte of space and wanted 500 more megabytes, your monthly hosting fee would be $45 rather than $35.

Additional Email Accounts - If your company needs more than the business package limit of 10 email accounts, SWS can provide additional email accounts for a monthly charge of $3.00 per additional account.

Additional Email Storage - If your email accounts require additional storage, SWS can provide this per account at a monthly charge of $2.00 per 1 GB.