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Non-Profit Organization and Church Web Hosting

Skaggs Web Services was originally created to assist churches and non-profit ministries with consulting and internet technology-related projects or issues. Our passion and drive continues to increase with each new challenge we receive from our clients.

"If the church does not begin to encompass the online world in its ministry, it risks losing even more of its eroding influence in society."    - George Barna


Why a Website?

The Church – Its main purpose is to share and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to worship God. So how can a website assist in fulfilling that purpose?
In today’s information age, people are increasingly using the internet to obtain information about what is going on locally and around the world. As a church or ministry, you should take full advantage of this and offer information about your church or organization. The greatest benefit of having a website for your church or ministry is offering current information around the clock to new prospects and for your members. Some good, basic reasons for having a website:

† A website will enhance your ministry, providing information and support for your church body. When the doors close after business hours, your website will still be available around the clock.
† A website will dramatically extend the scope of your ministry by enabling new relationships with people and organizations outside your immediate location.
† A website will effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making it constantly available to anyone and everyone, thereby furthering the Kingdom of God.

Why Choose Skaggs Web Services"

Being a Christian-based company, we want to honor God in obedience with the gifts He has given each staff member and help you spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We realize that even though you are the customer, it is ultimately the Lord's work that we're impacting. You will never have to be ashamed that your web developer is also responsible for websites of a questionable nature. Being faithful church attenders and having experience in ministries ourselves, we understand the general workings of a church. We have been honored to work with many different ministries, churches and non-profit organizations over the years. SWS is a company that you can trust.

Detailed services, prices and account options:


A non-profit/church account with SWS has a monthly hosting fee of $20.00 which includes 500 megabytes of storage for your website and up to 5 email accounts. The email service is accessible through different types of media and applications. The email service is accessible through different types of media and applications. If you use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express, Eudora or Netscape products, you can take advantage of the SMTP/ POP3 options. You may also access your email from any device with internet access using the web mail option.

  Website Maintenance - Whether you have a website that was made by SWS, yourself, or someone else, we can take care of your needs when you want to change, remove, or add content or photos. The maintenance fee for any website change is $25 per hour, with a one hour minimum. We will give you an estimate up front for your approval.

  Additional Web Space - If you need to purchase any additional web space beyond your account limit, the monthly charge for the additional server space is only $10.00 per 500 megabytes. Example: If you have a non-profit/church account with 500 megabytes of space and wanted 500 more megabytes, your monthly hosting fee would be $30 rather than $20.

  Additional Email Accounts - If your non-profit/church account needs more than the package limit of 5 email accounts, SWS can provide the additional email accounts for a monthly charge of $3.00 per account.