For Personal Use

Personal Website Hosting


Skaggs Web Services (SWS) offers a personal account for those who wish to create a website for sharing information and pictures about their hobbies, family, vacations, or anything else you love. This is also a great plan for showcasing all your EBay ® product pictures. (Please note that we will not create, maintain, or host any website that is of a questionable nature.)

Detailed services, prices and account options:


A Personal Use account with SWS has a monthly hosting fee of $10.00 which includes 150 megabytes of storage for your website and one email account. The email service is accessible through different types of media and applications. If you use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express, Eudora or Netscape products, you can take advantage of the SMTP/ POP3 options. You may also access your email from any device with internet access using the web mail option.

  Website Maintenance - Whether you have a website that was made by SWS, yourself, or someone else, we can take care of your needs when you want to change, remove, or add content or photos. The maintenance fee for any website change is $25 per hour, with a one hour minimum. We will give you an estimate up front for your approval. You also have the option of learning to update your website yourself.

  Additional Web Space - If you need to purchase any additional web space beyond your account limit, the monthly charge for the additional server space is only $10.00 per 500 megabytes. Example: If you have a personal account with 150 megabytes of space and want 500 more megabytes, your monthly hosting fee would be $20 rather than $10.

  Additional Email Accounts - If your non-profit/church account needs more than the package limit of 5 email accounts, SWS can provide the additional email accounts for a monthly charge of $3.00 per account.