Website Design and Development

"Website design" refers to what the public sees when viewing a website - the colors, the layout, images, etc. There are multiple "do-it-yourself" website building sites now that claim to be quick and easy. What they don't tell you is that they're quick and easy once you have used the trial-and-error method so many times that you finally become well-versed in what works and what doesn't work. Wasting a lot of time is not an option for most of us, and when you represent yourself on the internet, you want to look your best. Skaggs Web Services (SWS) can take your ideas and preferences for a website and create just what you had in mind, or better.

"Website development" refers to the administrative side of a website, the part the public never sees. That's where settings are configured and where the actual computer code is. The structure and proper function of a website depends on what is done in developoment. SWS will develop and design a customized website to fit the needs of your business, non-profit organization, or personal interests. We offer professional templates like other web design businesses, but we particularly pride ourselves on taking the necessary time to work with our clients personally in designing their websites just they way they envision it.

Website Name

If you have decided that you want or need a website, you probably already have a name in mind. Tell us what name you want for your site, and if that name is available, we will secure and register it for you. If not, we'll do our best to find an alternative that's acceptable to you. Your domain name can end in .com, .net, .org, .biz, .online, .solutions, etc. We can even secure your website name with multiple extensions, such as,, and

Website Hosting

Once a website has been designed and developed, and is ready to be viewed on the internet, it has to be"served" up to the internet by a computer with special server software. Web hosting makes your website accessible 24/7 on the internet. SWS provides web hosting for every website we create. We can also assume the task of hosting your website if it's currently being handled by another service. See our Home Page for our current web hosting prices.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance consists of making changes or updates to any existing website pages. Skaggs Web Services can create a new website for you and then stay on the job, updating the site with content or images according to your instructions. If you prefer, you can learn to make the changes yourself. The modern WordPress websites have "drop and drag" capability so that pictures and paragraphs can be moved around as you experiment with your layout. We can provide the teaching and printed instructions to enable you to maintain your website content yourself.

Email Hosting

SWS offers personalized email accounts and hosting with every website that is hosted by our servers, and the accounts may include your domain name. For example, if your business' name is Acme Tool Company and your website name is, you can have for your business email address "" If your church's name is Bardville Baptist Church and your website name is, you can have "" as your email address. This lends a touch of professionalism to your email messaging activities.

We can also provide secured email hosting even if we do not host your website. Our email server is completely secure, anti-virus and anti-spam protected. The email is accessible through different platforms such as Web based, SMTP and POP3 clients. Our web-based email offers many business tools such as an instant messenger, yearly calendar, calendar reminders, scheduling, task management, mailing list and personalized themes, to name a few.