Wanda’s Testimony


I was not privileged to be raised up going to church, but my dad was a Christian who had been out of church for many years. I didn’t know he was a Christian… I thought he was just an old-fashioned guy. My parents taught my sister and I that we were created by God and that Jesus died on the cross for us. That was all I knew of spiritual things. As I was growing up I used to think about life after death and wonder what it was like. It seemed like some people really knew God in a personal way, and that was something that I wanted for myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to have that personal relationship with our Creator and Lord. I tried reading the Bible, beginning at the beginning… Genesis chapter 1. That didn’t do it. I memorized the Ten Commandments. That didn’t do it. I put lots of four-leaf clovers in my Bible. That, for sure, didn’t help!


As I got older and into my teen years, I stopped thinking about God and drifted into an ungodly lifestyle. When I was twenty years old, I started having a desire to go to church, but I never actually got up on Sunday mornings and went. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the Holy Spirit had started tugging at my heart, drawing me to the Lord. A few weeks went by and the Lord finally sent a godly church worker, working for the bus ministry from a distant church, to come through my neighborhood, looking for children to ride the bus to church. When he knocked on my door and asked about any children who could ride the bus, I eagerly asked him, “Can I go?” The church bus picked up my little boy and me the next morning, and that day I heard the gospel explained in a clear and compelling manner. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes so that I finally understood what I needed to do to be right with the Lord… Repent of my sins and give my heart to Jesus Christ, asking Him to be my Lord and Savior, and put Him first in my life. I made that decision that day in 1975, and I have never been the same since. After that, my parents got in church and my mother also gave her heart to Christ.


That bus ministry worker told me years later that initially, he was passing my house up because my neighbor told him my child was too young to ride the bus. As he was approaching the next house, a little voice told him “Don’t pass up that house,” so he turned around and came back and knocked on my door. I’m so thankful for God’s obedient servants, for He uses them to spread the Gospel and point the lost to Him. I intend to continue serving Him all of my life, for He is worthy. “Thanks be unto God for His indescribable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15)